About Us

We built our business around exceptional customer experience and meticulous attention to detail. Today, that is the unifying force for all our services, technology and process.

Mortgage Connect is a national provider of mortgage solutions for originators and servicers. We have set the standard for the customer experience that far exceeds other providers. Our management team consists of industry leaders, with a focused commitment on the most exceptional closing experience in the industry.


We support all Residential and Commercial Real Estate Title and Closing transactions, including refinance, purchase, reverse mortgage transactions, loss mitigation and default. Our full suite of services is built on a foundation of flexible technology and process rigor to ensure accurate, complete closings as well as the highest quality and consistency available in the market. We customize each of these elements around our clients’ unique requirements.


Our expertise in quality control and regulatory compliance ensures a thorough and complete package that meets your service levels at any capacity.


Client-dedicated teams are headquartered in our state-of-the-art facilities in Pittsburgh, PA. The Mortgage Connect Texas operations is located in Dallas, TX. Contact us for a customized solution to improve your bottom line and enhance production.